Monthly Archives: April 2014

25 April 2014: More Sales! More Members! More PAYOUTS!

More, More, MORE! We’re back with your weekly update from the WLE team… and we have more great news! WLE is becoming the program of choice in Nigeria, where our Pro offering continues to attract writers from all walks of life. We’ve grown again this week, welcoming more new members, and we expect the positive […]

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18 April 2014: Tools to Beat Writer’s Block

Beating The Block, One Idea at a Time! Some writers never seem to have trouble finding a subject for their next article, but if you’re like us, you sit down at the keyboard and think “Ummm… what shall I write about?” Good subject prompts can help you to beat writer’s block, and the WLE team […]

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11 April 2014 : Write More, Earn More!

Write More, Earn More! We’ve had a great week here at WLE. Submissions are up and our clients are sending us more requirements all the time. We think it’s really obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: the best way to earn more money is to make more sales – and that means writing more! Check […]

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