About Us

“All new writers have to pay their dues.”

We bet you’ve heard that before. For some reason, people seem to think that writers have to struggle and starve, unless they’ve passed some kind of invisible reputation barrier and suddenly deserve to be paid properly.

We think that’s utter rubbish.

We know you can write, and we don’t see why you should have to prove it. We know that the world can be cruel, too – that clients are pedantic and picky, jobs are hard to find, and payments are almost always by PayPal, which doesn’t work in a lot of countries. And we know that cheap-ass SEO companies undercut all the decent writers on the bidding sites!

That’s why we built WriteLearnEarn.

Using our founder’s existing global client list, we built a system where freelancers could write as much as they want, about whatever they want, whenever they want and sell their work through a single site, for guaranteed prices.

Instantly get the rates your work merits.

We have no writer ratings, no bidding, no price wars, no deadlines, and no whining clients!

And just to make the awesome awesomeness even awesomer (no, that’s not a word), WLE membership extends to countries where PayPal doesn’t work. Direct cash, bank and mobile transfers, to over 200 countries.

Yeah, we think it’s pretty cool, too.