Pay Rates

How Much Do You Pay?

It’s all in the FAQ, but since everyone asks… here’s the skinny!

Our standard rates depend on the quality of your work. All article prices are calculated per word so if you write 637 words, you get paid for 637 words. That’s true for any kind of sale – marketplace, fast or instant.

The current marketplace rates in USD are as follows:


Quality Score Per 100 words Per 500 words
100 $3.00 $15.00
95 $2.40 $12.00
90 $2.00 $10.00
85 $1.90 $9.50
80 $1.80 $9.00
75 $1.70 $8.50
70 $1.60 $8.00
65 $1.50 $7.50
60 $1.40 $7.00
55 $1.20 $5.00
50 $0.90 $4.50


Our referral program pays 5% of your direct referrals’ sales income, for life. That comes out of our cut, of course, so your referrals still earn the full amount for all the articles they sell.

Fast Sale prices are based on a percentage of full market price. If you are eligible for Fast Sales, you will see your current rate on your My Profile page.

Instant Sales are fixed at a rate of $1 per 500 words (calculated per word).

What’s The Payout Level?

At present, the PayPal payout minimum is $5; the Western Union payout minimum is $20.

PayPal payments are made automatically twice per month. We do a mid-month payment (usually around the 16th) and an end-of-month payment (usually a day or two into the following month).

Western Union payments are not automatic, because of the higher fees. Members who use WU may request a payout any time they have the minimum amount in their account. We try to process all WU payments within 24 hours.