Terms & Conditions

laptopTerms & Conditions

When you join WriteLearnEarn Pro or WriteLearnEarn World (hereafter jointly referred to as “WriteLearnEarn”) and use this site, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. These rules dictate how we expect you to act and how you can expect us to behave.

Please make sure you read this page properly. You agree to these terms when you use WriteLearnEarn.

We like to keep things simple, so our T&C are quite short. In all situations, common sense is our strongest supporter and, in circumstances not specifically covered here, we do our best to be reasonable and fair.

Throughout these terms and conditions, “we” refers to the WriteLearnEarn program and site and its owners. “The author” and “they” refers to a member of the WriteLearnEarn system. “The system” and “WLE” are the WriteLearnEarn offering from The Half-Hog Network.

These terms and conditions were correct as of their last update, on 12 March 2017 (post-closing changes to payments, clauses 11 and 12).

  1. All work submitted to the system must be original, unique, previously unpublished content created by or on behalf of the author.
  2. Members may act as agents for third parties (i.e. submit content for their friends and other people) but they must have the legal right to post the content. The content must still be as described in Clause 1.
  3. All content submitted remains the property of the original author until it reaches the purchase stage.
  4. Once content is purchased, the author transfers the worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable copyright and all associated publishing rights to us in return for payment in accordance with our standard rates schedule.
  5. Authors may NOT use content we purchase from them elsewhere without our express written consent, whether that use is online or in printed media or in any other form, electronic or otherwise. This includes spinning, translating or making minor alterations to the content in a pretense at making it “different”.
  6. If the content was created for a custom content request, the author transfers full rights to us as in (4) above, but receives payment as agreed for the specific task.
  7. We may refuse to list any content in our marketplace that is not of sufficiently high quality, as determined by us, or which is inappropriate for resale to our clients and publishing partners, as determined by us. We only want informative or entertaining content which has value for our clients. We do not accept spun content.
  8. Any author submitting plagiarized content or attempting to “game” the system in any way will receive an official warning. If they then submit a second piece of plagiarized content at any time or try to “game” the system again, they will receive an immediate lifetime ban. Any outstanding payments for original content we have purchased may or may not be completed, at our discretion. The burden of proving that content is not plagiarized rests with the author, not with us.
  9. Authors may withdraw from the system at any time. Any articles purchased by us remain our property. Any articles currently in the submission process but not yet purchased remain the property of the author and will be removed from our system. The author immediately loses access to the system upon withdrawal of their membership. They may rejoin the system at any time by contacting us and requesting that we reinstate their membership account, assuming they remain in good standing. Upon reinstatement, they may resubmit their work in the normal way.
  10. All members are required to submit appropriate details so that we can pay them. We do not and will never ask for any more information than is absolutely necessary to make payments. We are not responsible for incorrect entry of details resulting in lost payments.
  11. As WLE is now closed, we will endeavour to make payments whenever possible. There is no longer a regular payout schedule due to limited revenue. Please note that it may take many months to get through all outstanding payments..
  12. The minimum payout no longer applies: we will clear all balances as and when we can, regardless of how much the accounts hold. We will try to pay the largest balances first.
  13. There are no charges for using WLE. The only charges incurred by members are from funds transfers on payout. WLE sends the full amount of the member’s balance, but both PayPal and Western Union may charge fees that are subtracted from that amount.
  14. We respect the privacy of our members. By signing up for the system, you agree to receive our newsletter, mailshots and important system notifications from us. We may also use your email to contact you if you risk being banned or for other admin-specific messages. We will never pass your information on to third parties without your express consent unless so required by national or international law. You may unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time, without affecting your WriteLearnEarn membership.
  15. Any author caught abusing the system in any way, including opening multiple accounts, referring themselves under another name to benefit from referral rewards or opening an account after being barred, will be immediately removed from the system and barred for life. They will forfeit all monies owed to them for any articles we have purchased. Users must receive payments to their own account, whether PayPal or a bank account for Western Union transfers.
  16. The WriteLearnEarn referrals program allows registered members to invite other writers and earn whenever those writers sell articles. Only direct referrals count (no multi-tier earnings). Every time one of your referrals sells an article, you will receive 5% of the final net sale price (rounded down) in your account, taken from our cut (so the other writer still gets the full amount). These earnings are paid in the same way as your direct article sales earnings. Referral payments apply to all sales (marketplace sales, fast sales and instant sales).
  17. The WLE site includes an anonymised emailing system to send messages to your referrer and/or referrals. Using this system to spam your contacts will result in your account being permanently closed, and possible forfeiture of any earnings. We consider spam to be any message which is not related to WLE or freelance writing as a craft. The most obvious spam is such things as marketing and/or promotional content for earnings sites, get rich quick schemes, etc. We do not mind you passing your email address or other personal details to other WLE members, but advise against it for security and anti-spam reasons.

laptop2Privacy Policy

We collect information about you when you:

  • visit our website
  • join the WLE program
  • post content to our Website
  • contact us

We do not hunt out any other information about you unless you give us cause to do so (like posting illegal content or something stupid).

We do not monitor any anonymised messages sent through the internal WLE contact system (those sent to referrals or referrers). We only see the content of your messages if the contacted member considers it spam and forwards it to us.

Using your information

Collecting your personal information is mostly an act of self-defense on our part: we store details so that we can respond to requests for content removal or (in worst case scenarios) provide data to relevant authorities to hunt down scumbag criminals and the like.

Apart from storing your details so you can log on or we can contact you if there’s a problem, we have no other use for your data. We don’t sell it. We don’t offer it to third parties. We don’t even look at it most days. We just let it sit there in the database, collecting dust.

Analytics information

We run Google Analytics on our sites, so some of your data gets passed to them. It’s nothing individual to you, just stuff like IP address, what pages you hit and so on. All that usual tracking activity that analytics implies.

Admin contact

The only time we will use your details to send you a personal message is if there’s a problem or significant change on the sites that you need to know about. you will receive automated messages notifying you of published or rejected content but those are generated by a plugin: we don’t see them.

We may use your contact details for email contact, such as marketing or reminding you to keep selling. We hate spam, so we won’t throw tons of annoying messages at you or try to sell you loads of useless crap.


You can always contact us through the site. We love feedback. And chocolate. We really love chocolate but you can’t send that through the contact form so stick with the feedback for now.


We’re based in Europe where there are new rules about cookies. In order to comply with these rules, we have to tell you about those scary cookies our site uses, just in case you’re totally paranoid and worry about who’s tracking the fact that you look at bikini photos.

We keep cookies to a minimum. You get one when you login (persistent if you mark the “Remember me” box). And that’s pretty much it.

There are a couple of others that Analytics may generate, but apart from that, there aren’t any cookies you need to worry about.

Well, unless the ads we run use them, of course. But then that’s something you’ll need to handle with them rather than us.

You can find more information about cookies at allaboutcookies.org, youronlinechoices.eu and allrecipes.co.uk.

Disclosing your information

We will only disclose your information to third parties with your express consent or where we are required to do so by law.

Other websites

Our site may contain links to other sites which are outside our control and not covered by this policy. The operators of these sites may collect information from you that will be used by them in accordance with their policies, which may differ from ours (it probably will, since we actually believe in maintaining your privacy).

Accessing your information

To obtain a copy of the information we hold about you, contact us. You won’t have to pay for the information (it’s about five lines of data, seriously). It might take us a few days to respond.

Changes to our policy

This policy replaces all previous versions and is correct as of 12 February 2014. We reserve the right to change the policy at any time, without notification.

Contacting us

If you have any queries, please use the contact page, the contact admin option in the members area or pop an email to admin@writelearnearn.com and give us a day or two to respond.