How It Works

How It Works

Instead of having to find clients, bid for jobs, negotiate salary rates or publish on rev-share setups that pay pennies, WLE acts as the middle-man between you and the end client.

We already have a client list and publishing partners who want content for their sites. Instead of having to fight for those jobs, you write for us and we handle the rest – figuring out who would like the content, marketing it to them and completing the eventual sale.

In practical terms, this means you can write and submit as many articles as you want, about almost anything at all. We’ll handle the rest, paying fixed rates and taking all the business risks on your behalf.

Unlike most writing sites, we do not rate writers at WLE. We don’t put you through an entry test, we don’t rely on arbitrary feedback to decide whether you should earn more or less, and we don’t believe you should start out earning the lowest rate, just because you’re new.

The WLE processInstead, we rate your work. Every article is independently reviewed and judged on its own merits, by a single editing team. That means you can earn the top rates from day one.

Here’s how the system works, step by step – and check out the image for the complete flowchart:

  1. You write about anything you want and submit your work.
  2. We review it and give it a quality rating, then send it back to your queue.
  3. You decide if you want to send the content to market or rework it for a better quality score.
  4. Once you send it to the marketplace, our in-house writers bring the content up to the extremely high standards our clients expect.
  5. Your work is marketed to our clients around the world.
  6. When someone buys your article, we purchase full rights from you and pass them on to the client.
  7. Your WLE account is credited with your earnings.
  8. As soon as you’ve passed the minimum payout level, you can request your money and get paid!

It’s as simple as that!