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WLE is now closed

On 12th March, three years ago, I opened the original WriteLearnEarn Pro site.

Today, I announce that WLE is closing.


The pre-written content market is shrinking. It's so easy to find a writer to produce bespoke articles on demand, to suit any budget, that even the highest-quality pre-written work can take months to sell.

A smaller market means fewer sales. That means more work (on average) for plagiarism checkers, quality scorers and in-house editors per sale, which in turn means lower per-hour rates.

Fewer sales also mean lower earnings and smaller profits for everyone involved. Given the number of hours that go into running WLE and the amount of money it makes, it's not sensible to continue.

Instead of dragging on as long as possible and potentially ending on a sour note, I've decided to quite while we're all ahead.

What happens now?

I've switched off the submissions page (you'll see this message there). WLE will no longer accept new content.

You can access your existing content and I will continue to market it for the next 3-6 months (if it's in the marketplace). You can leave your content on the site and hope for a sale, or remove it and sell it yourself. You retain all rights to your work until it sells.

All completed instant and fast sales stand: that content was purchased by and belongs to WLE.

All balances will be paid, whether you made the minimum or not, as long as your payment details are filled in accurately. If you have tiny amounts and use WU rather than PayPal, we'll see what we can sort out. It will likely take months to work through liquidating everyone's payments, so bear with me (that's how business finances are - like banks, it's a problem if everyone withdraws at once). You *will* get your money.

I understand that there may be bad feeling due to the sudden closure. Part of me would love to keep WLE running for ever but pragmatism must balance idealism.

Since 2014, WLE has tried to help writers from all over the world sell their content and improve their work at the same time. We've sold hundreds of articles and paid out thousands of dollars. It's been a heck of a ride but it's time to say goodbye and move on.

Please address all questions to the Admin Team.

Thank you for being part of the WLE adventure!

Spike Wyatt
Owner-Operator and Editor-in-Chief