The WLE Referral Program

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The WLE Referral Program is a system by which you earn extra money for sending productive new members to our site. It works like most affiliate systems.

Simply put, you use a personalised link to advertise or recommend WLE to friends and colleagues, then earn commission on every sale they make.

Your referral link

You can find your referral link on your profile page.

You will also find a link to show your referrer’s details (if appropriate) and a list of people you have referred (once they have registered). WLE has a contact system built into the site, allowing you to send messages to your referrer/referrals and help each other out.

Who you can invite

You can invite as many people as you like to join us, provided you do it properly. Abusing the system will get you banned and your account will be forfeit. Like all our terms, the referral program is simple and honest:

  • You must not spam your referral link (by email, on forums or anywhere else, by any means).
  • You must not make false claims about the WLE program in an attempt to convince people to join.
  • All new members must join freely, of their own accord (no paid sign-ups, coercion, etc.)
  • You must use your personal referral URL to be assigned new registrations.
  • Only direct referrals will be assigned to you (there is no multi-tier program at this time).
  • You earn 5% of the final price of every article your referrals sell through the WLE system, whether that is a market price, a fast sale price or an instant sale price. That 5% comes out of our money, so your referrals still get all their earnings.
  • You must not try to convince or coerce your referrals to wait for a marketplace sale if they wish to use the fast sale feature.
  • Your referral earnings are added to your WLE account in the normal fashion and are included in the normal payouts.

Marketing Materials

You may use your own marketing materials, provided they don’t make any false claims. Whatever materials you use must send the referred user to the main WLE site, using your personal URL as shown in your profile.

If you wish to use the text from the WLE info page, please do so, but do NOT send your referrals there. Use the proper referral link from your profile.

Below are the banners we use to advertise the WLE programs. You may copy these as-is on your own website, on traffic exchanges or anywhere else (provided you follow the rules above).

Please feel free to link directly to the image if you do not wish to use storage space on your own setup. For example, <a href=”your_referral_link” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=0></a>

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